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North Pacific Seafoods prides itself on offering a wide variety of wild, natural Alaska seafood products. Over the years, we have increased our ability to meet our customers' needs for high quality seafood. From the harvesting grounds through processing and transportation, we concentrate on preserving quality, maintaining freshness and providing traceability for all of our products.

If you buy from North Pacific Seafoods, you can be sure that the seafood you receive is from a sustainable fishery. Because of the importance of the seafood resource in Alaska, all fisheries are strictly managed by state and federal agencies to ensure an abundance of fish for generations to come. The state of Alaska only allows harvesting of surplus fish and shellfish stocks to ensure the sustainability of the resource. And Alaska is the only state in the nation where the Constitution mandates that all fish be managed sustainably. With this management system, Alaska will continue to be a great source of wild, natural seafood far into the future. North Pacific Seafoods also has Marine Stewardship Council Chain of Custody certification to handle certified fisheries.