Red Salmon
Red Salmon Plant

Weather: The summer weather ranges from foggy/cloudy and rain to clear, windy, sunny days. The average summer temperatures range between 37 to 66 degrees F.

Season Dates: The Red Salmon plant operates from early May to the end of July.

Employees: 450 at peak season.

Wages: Starting pay rate: $10.60 an hour;
Overtime pay rate: $15.90 an hour

Working at Red Salmon

The North Pacific Seafoods Red Salmon plant is located on the Naknek River in the village of Naknek, Alaska. With a population of about 680, Naknek is situated on Kvichak Bay, an arm of Bristol Bay. Bristol Bay is known as the “Red Salmon Capital of the World” as well as the gateway to Katmai National Park and Preserve. Due to its abundant red salmon runs, the first salmon cannery was built in Naknek in 1890. The area has remained a major red salmon center, with strong runs to this day. Bristol Bay is a tundra area known for its broad tide lands, high brown cliffs with crowning greenery. The nearest commercial airport is in King Salmon, which is connected to Naknek by road and is located about 280 miles southwest of Anchorage.

North Pacific Seafoods purchased the Red Salmon plant in 2011. Today, the plant processes herring during early May, and frozen, fresh and canned salmon and salmon roe from mid-June until the end of July.

Room & Board:  The facility provides free room and board to all working employees. However if an employee does not successfully complete the employment contract they will be charged at a rate of $15/day. Separate male and female quarters are provided and each room houses 2 to 4 people. Linens and towels are provided.

Amenities: The plant is located 1.5 miles from Naknek. The plant office handles mail for employees. There are first aid facilities, phones and a small store and internet access at the plant. If you elect to bring your laptop computer the plant is not responsible for any loss, theft nor damage to your personal property. There is a health clinic in Naknek, but no hospital facilities. It is important that medical and dental issues be handled before arriving in Naknek, as health care options are limited. Also, please bring all prescription medications needed for the duration of the season.

Transportation: Red Salmon Cannery will provide round trip transportation to the processing facility from your point of hire (either  Seattle, WA or Anchorage, AK) if you successfully complete your employment agreement and stay until you are laid off.  If you quit or are discharged before the season ends, you will be responsible for the cost of your return transportation.  

See Working for North Pacific Seafoods for more information.

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