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Weather: Winter temperatures vary from 23 to 35 degrees F, and summer temperatures range from 48 to 61 degees F. The average annual precipitation is about 90 inches including about 34 inches of snow. Weather is variable and can change from cloudy, damp days to beautiful days of sunshine. Average daylight hours range from about 6 hours in December to 16 hours in July.

Season Dates: (All dates are approximate) All fish species, with the exception of salmon, are processed from March to the end of October. The major salmon season starts around June 15th and continues until the end of September.

Employees: 220 at peak season.

The North Pacific Seafoods plant in Sitka is known as Sitka Sound Seafoods. Located on the west coast of Baranof Island in Southeast Alaska, Sitka is a small town with a population of 9,000.  The community fronts the Pacific Ocean and Mount Edgecumbe, an extinct volcano that rises about 3,200 feet above the sea.

Sitka was founded in 1804 by Russian fur traders, and was the capital of Russian Alaska. After the United States purchased Alaska from Russia, it remained as the capitol of the territory until 1906 when the seat of government moved to Juneau. Sitka’s Russian heritage is evident in St. Michael’s Cathedral, an active Russian orthodox church, with an onion-shaped blue dome that graces the Sitka skyline.

Located 862 miles from Seattle, Sitka can only be reached by air or boat because of its island location. A number of commercial jet services from Seattle and Anchorage to Sitka are available each day.

The Sitka Sound Seafoods plant started processing in the late 1960s, with North Pacific Seafoods and its sister companies purchasing a majority interest in 1990.  A full merger of Sitka Sound and North Pacific was completed in 1997.  This plant location has access to northern harvesting areas of Southeast Alaska, from Yakutat to the south end of Baranof Island.  The plant processes all species of salmon from all gear types, halibut, sablefish, rockfish, herring, sea cucumbers, lingcod, Pacific cod, shrimp and Dungeness crab. 

Sitka Sound Seafoods

Sitka Sound Seafoods
329 Katlian Street
Sitka, AK 99835