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Kodiak (Alaska Pacific Seafoods)

Weather: The weather in the City of Kodiak is moderated by a strong marine influence, causing frequent fog and cloud cover, some high winds, and little or no freezing weather.  The annual rainfall is 67 inches and the snowfall in the mountains is 78 inches on average.  Winter temperatures range from 14 to 46

degrees F., with summer temperatures from 39 to 76 degrees F. Severe storms are common from December through February.

Season Dates: Our Kodiak plant operates 12 months a year, with peak production during the summer months.  Hiring for summer occurs in April and May.

Employees: 250 at peak season.

Working at Alaska Pacific Seafoods

The North Pacific Seafoods plant located in the City of Kodiak is known as Alaska Pacific Seafoods. It is on Kodiak Island in the Gulf of Alaska, the second largest island in the United States. Encompassing 3,588 square miles, the Island of Kodiak is known for its spectacular natural beauty and wildlife. Two-thirds of the island is dedicated to the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge.  The refuge is home to a wide variety of land and marine animals, including 3,000 giant Kodiak brown bears,

The city of Kodiak was the first Russian America capital (1783-99), and remnants of the Russian occupation is evident today. Kodiak also harbors Alaska’s largest commercial fishing fleet. Since it was settled by the Russians in the late 1700s, fishing has been the primary industry in Kodiak.

In addition to the City of Kodiak (population 15,575), six small, remote villages are located on the island or on islands nearby. Because of its island location, Kodiak can only be reached by air or ferry, with connections out of Anchorage, which is about 250 miles north.

The Alaska Pacific Seafoods plant was built in the early 1950s as an ice and cold storage facility. North Pacific Seafoods purchased the plant in 1975 and expanded it to include seafood processing. Today, the plant processes all major species from the Gulf of Alaska, including salmon, pollock, Pacific cod, rockfish, blackcod, halibut, crab, roe, octopus, herring, flatfish and sea cucumber.

Room & Board:  Meals and rooms may be available for $15/day. If you stay for the entire employment contract, this fee is reimbursed. An employee’s first set of rain gear is provided by the plant.

Amenities:  The plant is located within walking distance of the post office, bank, internet connections, and stores. A hospital and pharmacy is located in town. The plant office handles mail for employees, and there are first aid facilities, and phones at the plant.

Transportation:  The point of hire is the plant location. The cost of transportation to and from the plant location is the responsibility of the individual hired. However, upon request, the company can arrange transportation from Anchorage to Kodiak, but will deduct this amount from the individual’s wages. This deduction will be fully reimbursed with the successful completion of the employment term.

See Working for North Pacific Seafoods for more information.

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