Alaska Pollock
Alaska Pollock
Alaska Pollock Theragra chalcogramma

The largest food fishery in the world, Alaska pollock is used as an ingredient in hundreds of products around the globe. This member of the cod family offers snow-white meat, a flaky texture and mild taste. It is a popular item for fish and chips, fish sandwiches and fish tacos. North Pacific Seafoods processes Alaska pollock into dressed fish, shatterpack fillets and individually quick frozen (IQF) fillets to meet a variety of market applications.

Product Specifications
In the Gulf of Alaska, pollock is harvested in two seasons. “A and B” season begins in mid-January and runs until the end of March. The pollock “C and D” season begins in mid-August and runs to mid-October. Our scheduling of the fishing fleet coupled with our processing and shipping systems ensures the freshness and traceability of Alaska pollock products. North Pacific seafoods is also certified by the Marine Stewardship Council to provide sustainable Alaska pollock to our customers.

Alaska Pollock Size of Fish/Fillet Pack (pounds)
Dressed fish under 20 cm, 20-25 cm, 25-30 cm, 30-35 cm, 35 cm up. 50
Shatterpack fillets 2/4 oz, 4/6 oz, 6/8 oz, 8/up oz 3/15
IQF fillets 2/4 oz, 4/6 oz, 6/8 oz, 8/up oz 1/25
The chart above lists our most common pack sizes. Other packs are available by customer request.

Species Information
Harvesting Methods
Harvesting Calendar

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 3.5 oz (100 g)
Alaska Pollock
Saturated Fat
Source: Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute. More detailed nutritional information is available upon request.

Whole Alaska Pollock

Whole Alaska Pollock

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