Caviar & Roe
Alaska Caviar & Roe
Alaska Caviar & Roe
Chum (Keta) Salmon Oncorhynchus keta
Pink Salmon Oncorhynchus gorbuscha
Coho (Silver) Salmon Oncorhynchus kisutch
Sockeye (Red) Salmon Oncorhynchus nerka
King (Chinook) Salmon Oncorhynchus tshawytscha
Alaska Pollock Theragra chalcogramma
Pacific Cod Gadus macrocephalus
Pacific Herring Clupea pallasi

In the cold pristine waters of Alaska, fish develop naturally with a superior flavor and texture. These remarkable fish also produce top quality roes that are used to make caviar and other roe products prized the world over. Salmon ikura, or lightly salted individual eggs, is popular in Europe, Japan and other countries. Salmon sujiko, or salted eggs in skeins, is also popular in specialty markets, as are the processed roes from Alaska pollock, Pacific cod and Alaska herring.

Product Specifications
North Pacific Seafoods plants are strategically located near the major seafood harvesting areas in Alaska to ensure that we receive fish at the perfect maturity and absolute freshness. The roe is quickly removed from the fresh fish. Then all roe products are carefully cured and packed to maintain their peak quality and freshness.

Type Grades Pack form
Ikura – chum/pink/sockeye/ coho #1, #2, #3 Trays, pails or blocks
Sujiko #1, #2 Trays, pails or blocks
Pollock roe All grades Blocks
Cod roe All grades Pails, boxes
Cod milt All grades Blocks
Herring roe All grades Bulk frozen
Herring roe on kelp All grades Pails
The chart above lists our most common pack sizes. Other packs are available by customer request.

Species Information
Alaska Salmon
Alaska Pollock
Pacific Cod

Harvest Calendar
 Source Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Roe is processed from fish caught during the above harvest times. For specific species harvest times and areas, go to Harvest Calendar.

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