Pacific Cod
Paciific Cod
Pacific Cod Gadus macrocephalus

A longtime whitefish favorite, Pacific cod offers buyers a superior fish with firm texture, large flakes and a slightly sweet flavor. A diet staple for centuries, cod has become the standard by which all other whitefish are judged. This versatile fish is favored in traditional dishes and innovative adaptations around the world. North Pacific Seafoods processes Pacific cod caught in trawl, longline, pot and jig fisheries.

Product Specifications
Pacific cod is harvested year-round and is available from North Pacific Seafoods as frozen dressed fish, shatterpack fillets, or individually quick frozen (IQF) fillets. During harvesting periods, fresh Pacific cod fillets and dressed fish are available. Our close working relationship with the fishing fleet coupled with our processing and shipping systems ensures the freshness and traceability of all our Pacific cod products.

Pacific Cod Size of Fish/Fillet Pack (pounds)
Dressed fish S: 500g – 1 kg, M: 1/2 kg, L: 2/3 kg, LL: 3/up kg 50 (pan frozen) 1000 (IQF)
Shatterpack fillets 4/8 oz, 8/16 oz, 16/32 oz, 32/up oz 3/15
IQF fillets 4/8 oz, 8/16 oz, 16/32 oz, 32/up oz 1/25
The chart above lists our most common pack sizes. Other packs are available by customer request.

Species Information
Harvesting Methods
Harvesting Calendar

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 3.5 oz (100 g)
Pacific Cod
Saturated Fat
Source: Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute. More detailed nutritional information is available upon request.

Whole Pacific Cod

Whole Pacific Cod

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