Alaska Rockfish
Alaska Rockfish
Alaska Rockfish Sebastes spp.

There are over 40 species in the Alaska rockfish family, which vary widely in color, appearance and size. North Pacific Seafoods offers all commercially caught species, including the popular Pacific Ocean perch, northern rockfish and dusky rockfish.  The fish gets its name from the deep rocky ocean areas it inhabits. In culinary applications, Alaska rockfish fillets are known for their versatility and characterized by their meaty texture, good flake and unique mild flavor.

Product Specifications
Alaska rockfish are available from North Pacific Seafoods fresh or frozen as whole fish, dressed fish or fillets. The fish is caught by trawl from mid-March to October, with the harvest regulated by state and federal agencies, and tightly monitored by federal observers on board the fishing vessels. Our close working relationship with the fishing fleet ensures product freshness and traceability of all North Pacific Seafoods rockfish products.

Rockfish Size of Fish/Fillet Carton Size (pounds)
Whole fish 500 – 700g, 700 – 900g, 900g up 50
Dressed fish 200 – 400g, 400 -600g, 600g up 50
Fillets 2/4 oz, 4/6 oz, 6/8 oz, 8/up oz 1/25, 3/15
The chart above lists our most common pack sizes. Other packs are available by customer request.

Species Information
Harvesting Methods
Harvesting Calendar

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 3.5 oz (100 g)
Alaska Rockfish
Saturated Fat
Source: Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute. More detailed nutritional information is available upon request.

Whole Alaska Rockfish

Whole Alaska Rockfish

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