Alaska Flatfish
Alaska Flatfish  
Rex Sole Glyptocephalus zachirus
Rock Sole Lepidopsetta polyxystra
Arrowtooth Flounder Atheresthes stomias
Flathead Sole Hippoglossoides elassodon
Butter Sole Isopsetta isolepis
English Sole Parophrus vetulus

Alaska offers a bounty of flatfish, with North Pacific
Seafoods offering four of the most popular species. Whether they are called sole or flounder, all share similar characteristics of lean, white fillets with a delicate flavor and texture. The Arrowtooth flounder
is very abundant and characterized by a soft texture. Arrowtooth can grow to more than 15 pounds.  Prized for its sweet flavor and fine texture, rex sole is normally under 2 pounds. Rock sole is the second largest flatfish fishery in the United States. It is a meatier fillet that is popular in the domestic market.

Product Specifications
Frozen Alaska flatfish products are available during key harvest times from North Pacific Seafoods. The fish is caught by trawl and the fishery is closely monitored by federal observers to protect the environment. Our scheduling of the fishing fleet coupled with our processing and shipping systems ensures the freshness and traceability of Alaska flatfish products.

Species Size of Fish/Fillet Carton Size (pounds)
Rex sole from 100g to 1kg-up 50
Rock sole, Flathead sole, English sole, Butter sole (Round) under-200g, 200-600g, 600g-up 53
Arrowtooth flounder (dressed) Ocean run 50
The chart above lists our most common pack sizes. Other packs are available by customer request.

Species Information
Harvesting Methods
Harvesting Calendar

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 3.5 oz (100 g)
Alaska Sole
Saturated Fat
Source: Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute. More detailed nutritional information is available upon request.

Whole Alaska Sole

Whole Alaska Sole

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